BackpackerProduct description:  A strap or strap system mainly used for backpack straps and replacement backpack straps, but has many other useful applications as well.  Any size, Any length, Any

Strap Adjuster Strap Available in a Wide wariety of cColors and Material

History:   Backpacks have come a long way.   Before backpacks there were simple straps to carry your books, some even used belts!   In the 1960's backpacks were around, but not yet a big item.   Students were found sporting a bag with a single arm strap, or just carrying their books.   When backpacks started to get big, they just kept getting bigger and better.   Now you can find backpacks that are lightweight and have pockets for everything, MP3's, cell phones, water bottles, etc.

Alternate product names:   Pack straps, arm strap, carry straps, shoulder straps

Alternate styles:  Side release buckle strap, universal carry strap, plastic cam strap, strap adjuster straps.

Strap Adjuster StrapsSide Release Buckle StrapPlastic Cam Strap


Common materials:  A backpack strap is often made with heavyweight polypropylene webbing.  Heavyweight polypro is great for all weather conditions, it has good UV protection, and does not absorb water, making it rot and mildew resistant.

Polypropylene Webbing

Flat nylon is also available, which is stronger, has a smoother feel, and has 5x the abrasion resistance of heavyweight polypropylene.

Nylon Webbing

We also carry polyester webbing, which is much stronger than nylon, has low stretch, and can be sublimated. Dye sublimation is an imprinting process that results in vibrant, color fast patterns, logos and solid colors. Ask us how you can get your own pattern or logo imprinted onto the webbing!

Polyester Webbing

Common Hardware:  Slides, adjusters, and keepers.  The plastic adjusters do just as they say, adjust, and the slides help maintain the length you adjusted to.  The keepers just hold the loose end of the webbing to the strap.  We also have metal hardware as well, which can be custom powder coated with any of our 19 powder coating colors.  If you need to repair your backpack strap we have the webbing, hardware, and tools.  If you need to sew a strap, we recommend the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl.

Plastic HardwareSpeedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Common uses:  The backpack strap is commonly used for backpacks of course, but could substitute for other straps.   They make a great, easy to use perimeter style strap for going around items you are wanting to secure or stash. 

Common restrictions: The breaking strength for heavyweight polypro ranges from 675lbs. - 1800lbs.  There are no breaking strengths available for our plastic hardware, but we have no order minimums, so you could buy just one to test it. 

Similar products: How about an adjuster strap being used as a cinch strap or a perimeter style strap? That would work great to hold bundled items together, secure your luggage while traveling by wrapping the strap around your suitcase.  You can even use an adjuster strap for a plant press!   There are other straps that would utilize all of the above applications and more.   For example, there are plastic cam straps that are perfect for light duty tie-downs or even a belt.

BeltsUniversal Carry Strap

A universal carrying strap is another way to carry sleeping bags, yoga mats, snow boards, and gardening tools. The side release buckle strap/belt can be seen on backpacks, attached to fanny packs, and used for an everyday belt.